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Thyme honey is the most well-known type of honey in Greece. Consumers prefer it for various reasons, amongst which are its flavour, taste and the fact that it does not crystallise as quickly as other forms of honey.


The small islands of southern Greece and in particular the island of Kalymnos, are primarily characterized as having rocky soils and very dry summers. The rocky soils are not conducive to much vegetation. The main vegetation that can survive under such dry conditions, are thyme, oreganum, sage etc. which are rich in essential oils that give the prime characteristic flavour to thyme honey.


It is important in these regions and our local island is the well-known fact that under these conditions it becomes difficult for bee colonies to grow and collect honey and yet it is under these same conditions that when it becomes difficult for bees to collect honey, they characteristically process more of it and there by increasing the fine quality of thyme honey.


Furthermore, academic research has provided strong evidence that, among other biological actions that are more or less common for all types of honey, Greek thyme honey in particular has prevention properties against breast cancer, prostate cancer and endometrial cancer (Moutsatsou, 2007). Although legalization of health claims on food labels is still in process in European Union, we believe that consumers (at least in Greece) perceive thyme honey as a food with special pharmaceutical properties. 





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