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The post-harvest treatments of our honey ensure the preservation of its natural character at its absolute level. We avoid two kinds of treatments that downgrade honey quality and are very common in honey industry:

1) thermal process

2) filtering


1) Thermal process is done in order to mix honey of different plant origins and to avoid crystallization. We do not need to face any of these problems, since our honey originates practically from one plant species only and this thyme honey is by its nature not crystallized earlier than one year –usually this happens in around 18 months after harvest, according to bibliography.


2) Filtering is mainly done to remove particles like little pieces of wax, legs or wings from bees, small blisters and so on. The negative aspect of this treatment is that also pollen grains of high nutritional value are removed, thus impoverishing the nutritional value of the final product. Whereas this treatment is important for big companies which treat large quantities, it is not so for small- or medium-scale units. When there has been no filtering, all of the above particles physically reach soon the surface of honey, because of density differences and according to physical law, and it is then easy to remove them by hand from there.


In our case, after frames are taken from their hives and honey is extracted from the frames with centrifuge-machines, harvested honey is then put in stainless barrels for at least 2-3 days. Then all the heterogenous particles, gathered on the surface, are removed by hand as said above and clean honey may flow from the spigot (tap) of the bottom part of the barrel.         


We would like to bring to your attention that our apiarian has recently grown due to the funding from a European Union Program. Thus, our number of bee colonies has increased considerably as well as have our equipment for the harvest and storage of thyme honey.


We are now prepared to broaden our markets in introducing and selling our local product, Kalymnian thyme honey and we are looking for commercial partners in this respect. We are confident that because of its unique flavour, taste and quality, it will be highly marketable.





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