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This island produces honey which can be up to 100% of thyme, and the reputation of quality starts from antiquity where many ancient historians refer to it with great respect and enthusiasm.
One typical example is the line of Anrdew Kalvos (1792-Zakinthos - 1869-England) at  anthology "Ωδή Τετάρτη.Εις Σάμον" ,where he says precisely at line 18 the following :

"κ' η Κάλυμνα που τρέφει τας μελίσσας με' αθέριστα άνθη."

Another typical case is that of Strabo where in reference to the Geographical Section 10 states that the honey of Kalymnos was the best of his era (63 bc to 33 ac).

Αρχαίο κείμενο από τα Γεωγραφικά.

Today, after 2000 years and and after 1959 were we founded our family beekeeping business, we continue to produce this excellent product with great care and responsibility to the tradition and reputation of the best quality of our honey in Greece and internationally.

Our unit consists of 850 cells located in all parts of the island, with the main flowering thyme that continues to grow on its own for thousands of years.

Οι κυψέλες μας το 1959
Οι κυψέλες μας το 1959

The honey is produced from healthy colonies and we use the traditional harvest where we gather honey in barrels and we later pack it in a room with all the rules of hygiene.

The sizes of the pack apart from already existing, are made at the request of the customer according to his needs. The demand for thyme honey is increasingly recognized because the biological value worldwide characterizes it as the caviar of the Greek honey as described in all the scientific books and journals.

Thyme can be found only in a few areas of the Mediterranean and that makes kalymnos a unique area.

Because honey is playing and will play a key role in future sales of honey because of its unique quality, it is becoming more and more visible and known to the consumer.

This reputation gives us great momentum and motivation in our business to continuously improve production in order to meet modern needs.

For all the above is guaranteed by the head of the unit bee John G. Gavalas.





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